Welcome to Jersey Flight Community!

JERSEY FLIGHT COMMUNITY, INC is a social impact organization that aims to promote a lifelong enjoyment of sports, while emphasizing a positive community engagement and instilling the core values of discipline, teamwork, safety, respect and integrity.


Our community initiatives are based in our ability to help one another. To assist regardless of background or status. We are proud to align ourselves to persons in all walks of life, ages, and employment. This diversity allows for a true community to exist - one that is void of prejudice. Integrity and Respect are key components to a growing community.
Environmental Stewardship


Successful work within a community takes strategy, funding, organizing and participation - all elements of a solid team. Strong leadership and coordination are paramount to productive events. Jersey Flight Community believes that if we all do our part, we will see change in the heart of the cities and towns in New Jersey.
Social Connections


Jersey Flight Community is excited to be teaming up with Jersey Flight Football offering summer and fall clinics - reaching out to the youth of the community to bring them together for a purpose. That is to learn how to work together, on the field and off. Coaches, players, and staff provide mentoring and guidance while enjoying football.
Racial Harmony