Community Initiatives

Jersey Flight Community is about providing opportunities where they may have not existed and to help foster a team spirit within the community. The objective is to not only be a positive influence in the community, but to show by example how to help one another.

The Jersey Flight Football players, coaches and staff will stay visible and accessible within the community for outreach programs such as mentorship for youth, visits to local schools, community centers, autograph signings, and football clinics.

Some of the opportunities Jersey Flight Community hopes to develop in the near future include:

  • Donate time to read at the local library
  • Repaint community fences or buildings
  • Sports clinics run by coaches and players
  • Holding mentor programs for young entrepreneurs
  • Provide funding for after-school athletic programs
  • Sponsoring and building new safe play areas for community families
  • Plant flowers in bare public areas or provide planters for those who would like flowers
  • Participate in or help organize a community parade
  • Raise funds to assist in building a community center
  • Clean up vacant lots - partner with other organizations to keep the city clean
  • Start a campaign for more lighting along poorly lit streets
  • Create a newcomers group in your neighborhood to help welcome new families
  • Petition town leaders to build more drinking fountains and public restrooms
  • Volunteer to clean up trash at a community event
  • Adopt a local highway or road and clean up trash along it
  • Help fix or raise funds to repair a run-down playground
  • Raise awareness for our veterans
  • Create, if necessary, soup kitchens, or special meals during holidays for less fortunate
  • Be a help to the homeless
  • Clean up after a natural disaster